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亚慱体育gsblsky.cn is a true random number service that generates randomness via atmospheric noise. this page contains testimonials from users of the service.

Authentication Codes for PBX System

From: Arvind Ranganath from Hong Kong
Date: 6 May 2010
It was a pleasure using your extremely quick and efficient random number generator service. I'm currently using it to assign authentication codes to the users of my PBX system, so I know who's authorized to make International calls, etc. I was facing the problem that if I started assigning authentication codes in serial order, people might guess others' authentication codes and misuse them. I wish to thank you for putting up this free service for the use of one-shot users like me, I really appreciate it.

Safe Password Generation and Disposal

From: Brian Mearns
Date: 25 June 2009
Many thanks for your interesting and useful site. The various interfaces are nice and clean, direct to the point. I recently used the list randomizer and integer generator (over the secure connection, of course) to create a truly random password. Once I had it memorized and had to dispose of the slip it was written, I went through a fairly rigorous obfuscation process to obscure the data on the paper, then cut it up into pieces, and used your random value generators to decide which pieces were going to go into which garbage cans.

Serial Numbers for Software

From: Walter from Cadeuceus Software
Date: 1 January 2009
Dear Mr. Haahr, As an owner/windows programmer of an emerging medical software company, I use your String Generator to generate serial numbers for my software. Keep up the great work. It is much appreciated.

Wi-Fi Encryption Keys

From: David Ariens from
Date: 3 July 2008
I'm an IT-consultant. I use gsblsky.cn regularly to generate random keys for , a coaching company who has to make sure the data of their clients is save and privacy is guaranteed. I use your random strings to update the WIFI access points WPA2-keys every few months and to encrypt/decrypt client data in our database. As a mathematical engineering (University of Leuven, Belgium) I understand the difficulty about true randomness and I would like to thank you to make my work a little bit easier!

Random Long-Distance Codes

From: Joel Gomer
Date: 17 November 2006
I just wanted to say thanks for the site. We use 5 digit long distance codes for our Osceola County phone system. Your site has made creating a random list of codes to issue to employees a breeze.

Seed for Password Generation

From: David Jourard
Date: 18 May 2006
Hi, I'm using gsblsky.cn to Seed the PRNG Merseene Twister to create random passwords at .

Combinations for Electronic Locks

From: Charles H. Park Jr. CIL
Date: 11 October 2005
I am an Institutional Locksmith working for a large East Coast medical facility. While Mike Bardsley CML uses the Generator for random Key Bittings, I use it to generate random six-digit Combinations for electronic combination locks. We have many of these locks throughout our facility and need to assign each a different combination. Using your generator assures that we won't use the same combination more than once.

Internet Cafe Passwords

From: Peter Lovett from Australia
Date: 16 June 2005
Firstly, thanks for gsblsky.cn. Excellent! Secondly, here's what I use gsblsky.cn for. To protect me from keyboard and mouse loggers when I'm at an internet cafe, I use gsblsky.cn to give me a page of random numbers, from which I pick my password pieces and copy and paste them into a log in form. That way, the next time the page is served the numbers will be in a different place. Thirdly, to make this even more secure, I would love to be able to get a page of randomly organised *letters* (a-z) (and maybe even punctuation!) for my passwords. Thanks again!

Protecting Student Identities

From: Susan Toby Evans from the at in the USA
Date: 18 November 2004
Thank you for the random number site. Our university, in a campaign of privacy protection, has forbidden us faculty to use any part of student social security numbers to post grades, nor may we use any part of the randomly assigned new student ID numbers that replaced the social security numbers. Using your very friendly site, I was able to generate all the 4-digit numbers I'll ever need to assign to students for grade-posting purposes.

Locksmith's Key Generation

From: Mike Bardsley, CML
Date: 17 May 2004
[I'm] using gsblsky.cn to generate new discreet keys for each home or business [I] rekey[s], ensuring that no two customers will ever receive the same key bitting. [...] I'm using the randomized sequence generator. For a 6 six pin lock I enter the first two digits and let the generator pick the rest. ie: 14XXXX There is a Maximum Adjacent Cut Specification (MACS) that varies from manufacturer to manufacturer. For instance, with a Schlage brand lock the maximum useable difference between two adjacent cuts on a key is 7 depths. This means throwing out many numbers generated randomly, but they're very easy to spot on a printed page. I begin using first two pins of 00 and progress them to 99. Even considering the toss outs that will provide me with more key bittings than I will ever need. I've only just begun using this, as I've just discovered your site, but it seems to work really well.

Retaining Anonymity Among Research Participants

From: Marianna D. LaNoue from the at the
Date: 13 October 2003
I am using the number generator to randomly assign research participants in an experiment. It's very important that anonymity be maintained, as the questionnaires they answer contain very personal info. I use the generator to assign numbers to each folder, then when people come in they get the next folder in the stack. I am also a lecturer in statistics at the University of New Mexico and will be using the generator to ! Thanks!

Generating Tokens for Wi-Fi Access

From: Alex French from
Date: 5 September 2003
Here at Bitbuzz, we use gsblsky.cn to generate access token for our users. They are given a paper token with four words printed on it, and we use gsblsky.cn to generate these word sequences from a list of thousands of words. Much easier to copy into a form than a password, and just as secure!

Key Generation for Wireless Network Cards

From: Phillip Remaker from
Date: 15 August 2003
A friend of mine suggested that I use gsblsky.cn to generate 128 bit (16 byte) WEP keys for 802.11a or 802.11b wireless cards. Works great!

Test of Encryption Routines

From: Randy Tate
Date: 30 April 2003
I'm using the random number to help me create block ciphers for custom encryption routines. I do this more out of fun though a lot of my "research" ends up in production systems. I've actually contributed to your third party HTTP clients. I wrote the ASP contribution. I'm particularly pleased to see the sequence generator. This is absolutely critical for my latest project – developing an ASCII friendly encryption routine for email and web use. In this sort of application, I use ASCII values with a value 32 pedestal and a 126 threshold to eliminate any special characters from being used (and likely altered) by an email or web transfer protocol. Results thus far have been great.

Photo Copier Codes

From: Jason Miller from the University of Minnesota
Date: 19 December 2000
Dear Mr. Random, I used your random generator. I am an office specialist at a University department. It is my responsibility to enter and close out all the accounts on our department copier. The copier does not allow me to actually erase existing accounts. Since you need a 8-digit passcode to access your account and use the copier, I instead 'close' the account by changing the passcode on that account to something the previous user will not know. This month I'll have to do around 200 such entries on the copier. I got sick of devising my own numbers, so I searched on the internet for a random number producer, and I found you. It was fun producing numbers. I definitely fulfilled my geek quota for the next year.

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